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VocalMist Carrying Case

VocalMist Carrying Case

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Protect your VocalMist with this compact, hard shell carrying case designed specifically to store your nebulizer, mask, mouthpiece, VocalMist Hydration Formula, and accessories. Our carrying case features a separate cap storage slot so that the VocalMist can remain open while you're in transit, letting the cup dry between uses.
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  • Leakproof
  • Compact design
  • Convenient
  • Easily portable

Protect your investment

Taking good care of your VocalMist is the best way to ensure you can continue to use it for years. Our sleek carrying case has a specific slot for each piece of the VocalMist unit and its accompanying parts, so everything fits securely and won’t jostle during travel. 

Similar products don’t come with appropriate cases and are easily damaged when stored in standard bags. Hydration formulas can be punctured and leak over your other items. The VocalMist Hard Shell carrying case is drop-proof and sturdy enough to protect your VocalMist from accidents. 

Effortless and professional

The VocalMist Hard Shell carrying case was designed for busy professionals always on the go. It is easy to grab and pack in your luggage or slide into your carry-on bag. You’ll never have to worry about leaving a piece of your VocalMist behind. Best yet, bringing your VocalMist on professional gigs will make you look like a consummate professional.

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