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Featuring a removable facemask and USB rechargeable lithium batteries, VocalMist is a Modern Singer's best friend. Perfect for singers of all levels, actors, public speakers, teachers, and all professional voice users, the VocalMist is an accessible way of getting rid of dry mucous, alleviating allergies, and keeping your voice working easily any time of day. 

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Q: What do I use in my VocalMist?

A: Research has shown that nebulizing VocalMist Hydration Formula make singing and vocalizing easier! Check out The Science page for more information, and you can purchase your single use saline doses HERE.

Q: How/when should I clean my VocalMist?

A: Remove the cap and allow the unit to totally air dry after each use. Every few uses, clean the cup by dropping 2 or 3 drops of white vinegar into the cup with 3-6mL warm water, and then fully atomize the resulting solution. Do not inhale the atomization, and rinse the cup clean afterwards. The attachable face mask and mouthpiece can be cleaned with regular dish soap and warm water.

Q: Can I use essential oils in my VocalMist?

A: No. Using oils in your nebulizer may permanently damage your unit. However, if you put a drop or two of oil onto a bit of napkin and place in your face mask, you may enjoy the result!

Q: Can I use anything other than VocalMist Hydration Formula in my VocalMist?

Your unit is designed only for use with VocalMist Hydration Formula (isotonic saline) and using any other substances, unless prescribed by a doctor, can be extremely dangerous. Please respect your health with this product!

Q: My VocalMist does not have enough mist output. What gives?

1. Check to make sure you are using VocalMist Hydration Formula (isotonic saline) in your device, as it is not endorsed to work with other substances.

2. Occasionally, liquid may accumulate on the front face of the device, and a slight shake will free the mesh to properly nebulize.

3. The spray mesh may have occasional buildup, inhibiting the atomization. You can drop 2 or 3 drops of white vinegar into the medication cup with 3-6mL lukewarm water, and then fully atomize the resulting solution. Do not inhale the atomization, rinse the saline cup with water afterwards, and let it air dry before next use.

4. If problems still persist, please check that your unit is fully charged and contact us if you have any further questions. (