A fast and easy way to keep your vocal cords healthy

VocalMist is a simple and powerful tool used by singers, public speakers, and those with general respiratory problems.

  • Improve confidence: So you can focus on connecting with your audience instead of worrying about your voice
  • Reduce effort: Hydrated, healthy vocal cords gives you better vocal stamina
  • Alleviate fear of overuse:VocalMist successfully mitigates damage to the vocal cords
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VocalMist is user-friendly and makes singing, speaking, and breathing easier.

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  • I really believe this product is helping with my vocal delivery and recovery. I'm actually on my second one, as I lost one at a gig accidently. Bought the 2nd one without thinking about it. It's really effective and I recommend it for all speakers and singers. Stay hydrated!

  • I’d been performing in a very vocal demanding show so I decided to finally try the VocalMist out, and I’m so glad I did. From the first use I could already see a difference in my voice. It was so less straining and dry! Then when used it a whole 6 show weekend, I found myself less tired by the end. I love my VocalMist! The shipping was quick and the packaging was also lovely!

  • My grandson is head singer on Carnival Cruise Ships. I bought him the VocalMist and he LOVES IT! It soothes his throat and he can perform much more comfortably! He thanks me for it every time I see him! Thanks for a great product!

  • As a full time musician, I sometimes have runs of 12 days in a row of singing. Without VocalMist, I'm not sure I would be able to make it through all 12 days! After using VocalMist, my voice feels more hydrated and fresh!

  • I’ve been using the VocalMist for the last two tours, and I love it! Super portable, quick, easy to use, and I can really tell a difference in how my voice responds afterwards. Great product!

  • This is more than a portable nebulizer. This provides a finer mist than any other machine I've used and I can feel the difference. it does this while being nearly silent. I was BLOWN away by how quiet it is. you could definitely use this backstage!! that is a huge selling point to me. I can't recommend this enough

  • I sing 7 days a week and sometimes pull doubles. I couldn’t do my job without VocalMist! Thank you guys!

  • I love my VocalMist. It easy to use and has instant results for my voice. So glad my vocal coach recommended me the product!

  • I love using my VocalMist product! It’s convenient and easy to use. The mist really helps to keep my nasal passage open and hydrated. I love that it’s safe to use often, as I sing and speak multiple times each week! I’d highly recommend to all my singers, students, mentees and speakers!