VocalMist Hydration Formula (Refill Pack)

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Research proven to improve vocal health and to maintain vocal hygiene, VocalMist Hydration Formula single use doses are perfectly proportioned for use with the VocalMist nebulizer. The convenient twist-off design makes it secure to travel without leaking, and easy to use. Hydration Formula doses also fit easily into your VocalMist carrying bag!

  • Hydration Formula (Isotonic Saline - 0.9% NaCl)
  • 5mL single-use doses
  • Convenient twist off design.

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    Several studies on vocal health have examined the relationship of hydration treatments with isotonic saline and the voice, and nebulizing VocalMist Hydration Formula is proven to lower the risk of vocal problems and improve vocal health.

    "Nebulized isotonic saline again showed potential as a laryngeal lubricant, possibly aiding surface hydration. This research has important implications because singers require their vocal mechanisms to perform at a higher level and are therefore at high risk for vocal problems if the vocal apparatus is not functioning optimally." (Fujiki 2014)

    "Surface hydration with 0.9% saline solution led to an improvement in teachers' voice quality." (Santana 2017)

    The lesson we can learn here is to drink plenty and avoid very dry environments as a baseline. Topically hydrating with a nebuliser and 0.9% saline, according to the current research, can put the cherry on top. Then you’ll have a doubly great chance of keeping your healthy, rich and flexible voice throughout a busy schedule and the many challenging environments that singers find themselves in.” (The Naked Vocalist)

    Professional and enthusiast singers alike think about how to sing better and keep their voice in top shape, and nebulizing VocalMist Hydration Formula gives that little extra help both before and after a performance by hydrating and cleansing the vocal tract.

    *Those with salt allergies should not use VocalMist Hydration Formula.

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