About us

In addition to loving music and the adventures that music takes us on, we love tech and clever solutions that help others feel capable, confident, and excited to do what they do.

VocalMist was started by a singer for that reason - The thought that surely there was a better way to take care of our voices.

I’m Aaron, and I work in Los Angeles as a singer with tours, live events, and recording sessions. In 2017 I noticed I was having trouble keeping the singing and travel schedule that I wanted without compromising my vocal health. The lack of good tools to help a singer in need was frustrating.

Thankfully, after many hours obsessing I found some brilliant work being done by vocal health researchers at the time, and I happily championed their work to develop VocalMist for myself.

Soon thereafter, when I realized my vocal health anxiety was also shared by many of my singer friends, VocalMist became a thing, and it is now truly a blessing to watch other singers feel stronger in their craft because of it.

We are a small team - Aaron, Gabby (also a singer), and Daisy (primarily a barker) - but we are dedicated on making singers and voice users so dang happy with their VocalMist that they tell their friends. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we also get by with a little help from our friends. Who doesn’t?

Thanks for letting us help make singing a little easier.