VocalMist was born the way many great inventions were - through necessity. Professional singer Aaron Schumacher found it hard to maintain peak vocal functionality with his busy schedule of recording sessions, traveling tours, and live events. Aaron searched for a product that would be easy to use and effective, but he couldn’t find anything that solved his problem.

Guided by cutting-edge research in vocal health

Frustrated by the lack of options and driven to find a solution, Aaron dove into research by leading vocal health experts. He uncovered impressive findings about the efficacy of nebulizing, a method of administering medication through mist that is then inhaled. From there, Aaron developed his own misting device that used a well-researched formula of isotonic saline and found that it worked wonders. 

Dry environments, pollution, and allergens no longer degraded Aaron’s vocal quality. He discovered he could travel consistently without compromising his vocal health. Instead, Aaron could focus on becoming more expressive with his voice and forge stronger connections with his audiences. 

VocalMist makes life easier

Soon, fellow singers began asking where Aaron got his misting device because they also suffered from the same problems Aaron had faced. Aaron realized that his invention could improve the craft of singers everywhere, and VocalMist was born. The success was astounding, and something unexpected happened: Aaron learned that VocalMist was improving the lives of people other than singers.

Professional speakers and those with chronic respiratory illnesses found VocalMist to be very effective. Those with chronic dry mouth or dry throat also found it extremely helpful. Today VocalMist and products like it are often recommended to a wide variety of patients by Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors. 

Committed to helping others thrive

VocalMist has grown so much since it was founded in 2017. Aaron and his business partner and wife, Gabby Shulman, continue to dedicate themselves to improving not just the lives of vocal professionals, but anyone who could benefit from general respiratory care.