Artist Highlight: Pro Singer Andy Degan

In the world of professional singing, maintaining optimal vocal health is paramount. This is a truth that Los Angeles-based singer Andy Degan knows all too well. With a versatile range that spans pop, rock, and jazz, Andy has performed across the country and internationally. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss his journey, his approach to vocal health, and why he chooses VocalMist to keep his voice in top shape.

The Importance of Vocal Health: A Lesson from Andy Degan

From his early days in a professional children's choir to his current gigs that take him around the globe, Andy has always understood the importance of taking care of his vocal cords. "Singing is as much physical as it is mental," he says. "The way my body works really affects the way I perform."

The Physical Toll of Singing

Andy emphasizes that factors like fatigue, dehydration, and even a bad day can significantly impact vocal performance. "I can't give my best performance unless my voice is in top shape," he notes. This is a sentiment that many professional singers can relate to, highlighting the need for effective vocal care solutions.

Why Andy Chooses VocalMist

When it comes to maintaining his vocal health, Andy has found a reliable partner in VocalMist. "VocalMist is one of my new favorite tools," he shares. "It helps my voice stay strong even when the environment's not great or when I'm just singing a lot."

Portability Meets Efficiency

One of the features that Andy loves about VocalMist is its portability. "It's super portable, so it's easy for me to carry between rehearsals and performances," he says. This is particularly beneficial for singers who are always on the move, ensuring that vocal care doesn't have to take a backseat.

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