Artist Feature: The Inspiring Journey of Courtney Roberts

A Singer's Path to Self-Discovery and Authenticity

Courtney Allan Roberts is not just a singer; he's a beacon of love and inspiration. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Courtney's journey is one that resonates with many. From grappling with his identity to finding solace in his own skin, he has navigated life's complexities with grace. In this artist feature, we delve into Courtney's world, his career, and how VocalMist has become an essential part of his singing regimen.

Early Life and Career

Courtney was born into a world of music. From a young age, he was destined to be a singer. His voice, a blend of soul and passion, caught the attention of an entertainment lawyer during a visit to his local barber shop. This serendipitous encounter led to a recording contract and marked the beginning of his professional career.

The Emotional Connection

Courtney is not just a singer; he's a performer who connects deeply with his audience. His mornings often start early, preparing for live performances. For Courtney, being on stage is not just an act; it's a calling. His emotional connection with the audience has been a guiding force, even during times when he felt disconnected from himself.

The Struggle and Triumph

Courtney's journey wasn't always smooth. He faced a period of internal conflict, struggling to reconcile his identity with societal norms. The voices around him were quick to label him, leading him to take a break from performing. However, his hiatus was short-lived. Courtney soon realized that he was worthy of love and acceptance. This revelation reignited his passion for singing.

VocalMist: The Game-Changer

Preparing for a morning of live performance is no small feat. Courtney often wakes up with a deep voice and has to transition to hitting high notes by 10 a.m. This is where VocalMist comes into play. The portable nebulizer has been a revelation for him, easing his voice into the rigors of live performance. "Now that I found it, I won't sing a note without using my VocalMist," says Courtney.

The Power of Music

Courtney's music is not just about albums and songs; it's about connecting with people. Whether he's featured in concerts or working on his debut album, his ultimate goal remains the same: to inspire and uplift others.

Stay Connected

For those who wish to follow Courtney's journey, he can be found on Instagram @thefirstcourtney. His upcoming live performances, album releases, and other official announcements will be featured there.


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