Artist Feature: Kalie Wolfe Maintains Vocal Health on Tour

Meet Kalie Wolfe, the lead vocalist of the Los Angeles-based band, Rivals. Having toured with renowned bands like the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Assuming We Survive, Kalie knows a thing or two about the demands of a rigorous touring schedule. In a recent interview with VocalMist, she shared some invaluable insights into how she maintains her vocal health on the road.

The Challenges of Touring

Touring can be a double-edged sword for vocalists. On one hand, it's an exhilarating experience that allows artists to connect with their fans. On the other, it can be physically and emotionally draining, especially for the vocal cords. Kalie admits that touring can sometimes be "hectic" and that she tends to "go too hard," resulting in a "raw" vocal quality.

The VocalMist Solution

Kalie Wolfe swears by the VocalMist Portable Nebulizer as her go-to device for vocal health maintenance. She describes it as a "beautiful device" that's particularly useful in dry climates like Las Vegas. According to Kalie, while her "body hates the humidity, her vocal folds love it."

Why VocalMist?

The VocalMist Portable Nebulizer is a USB rechargeable ultrasonic nebulizer designed to keep your vocal cords hydrated and healthy. It's used in conjunction with the VocalMist Hydration Formula, a 0.9% isotonic saline solution, to ensure optimal vocal cord hydration.

The Science Behind Vocal Health

Maintaining vocal health is crucial for any singer, but it's especially vital for those in genres like rock and pop where the vocal demands can be extreme. The VocalMist nebulizer utilizes ultrasonic technology to create a fine mist that penetrates deep into the vocal folds, providing much-needed hydration. This is particularly beneficial for singers who perform in various climates, as it helps to maintain a consistent level of vocal cord hydration.

For those interested in following Kalie Wolfe and her band, Rivals, you can find them on social media under the tags @WeAreRVLS.

Touring may come with its set of challenges, but with the right tools and practices, maintaining vocal health doesn't have to be one of them. Just ask Kalie Wolfe, who trusts VocalMist to keep her voice in top shape while on the road.

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